Baseball Heroes Trainer 32-BIT

By | October 10, 2016
Baseball Heroes Trainer 32-BIT
Baseball Heroes Trainer 32-BIT
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Udate : April 1, 2017

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Baseball Heroes is a fun and addictive baseball game that basically combines manager styled gameplay with actual baseball gameplay. It’s a rather peculiar combination but it’s one that ultimately works out so overall this is a really fun game and we definitely recommend that you try it out whenever you get the chance.

One of the best things about Baseball Heroes is how new player friendly it is. The game starts off with a really well designed and in-depth tutorial sequence that’s designed to make sure that all newcomers feel at ease when playing the game and never have to struggle with the basics. The tutorial is fairly lengthy which is something that might put a few people off but fortunately there’s a skip option as well so if you feel confident in your abilities then you can skip the tutorial and progress on with your gameplay as usual.

As mentioned before, Baseball Heroes is a mix of both manager gameplay and actual baseball play. First off let’s talk about the managing aspect of this game. You’re pretty much given complete control over your entire roster so you’re free to add and remove players that aren’t performing at their very best. However, the process of acquiring players is rather different in this game. Instead of getting them through a transfer window you’ll instead have to open card packs, each card represents a player. Every pack consists of a set of different kinds of players and if you’re lucky you’ll get your hands on some top tier players than can elevate your team to the next elve.

As for the baseball gameplay, it’s pretty fun as well albeit rather limited. The only time you actually get to play baseball is when it’s your turn to strike and other than that the whole game is basically fast forwarded. In order to strike the ball you need proper timing and precision. You need to keep track of where the ball is coming from and hit from the perfect angle at the perfect moment in order to score some runs for your time. It might be rather challenging but it’s really satisfying to hit a home run on your first swing.

Baseball Heroes utilizes a rather cartoon-ish art style which might not be for everyone but regardless of that the overall look of the game is quite clean. The user-interface has been pulled off nicely and doesn’t have any unnecessary clutter, the animations are fluid, the artwork is pretty solid and the color palette is bright so there’s a lot of eye candy to enjoy.

As for micro-transactions, you’ll be able to purchase baseball cards and various other in-game bonuses for real world money which is pretty convenient and helpful.

Baseball Heroes is overall a fun and addictive game that blends together fun baseball play with some great manager gameplay for a refreshing experience.

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