Fishing World Cetrainer Free Download

By | June 8, 2017
Fishing World Cetrainer Free Download
Fishing World Cetrainer Free Download
Version : V.31 CETRAINER
File Size : 10 KB
Udate : June 8, 2017

Free Download Fishing World Games Cetrainer Version 31

Fishing World cetrainer was created using Cheat Engine 6.6. So, please download and install Cheat Engine 6.6 before download this cetrainer, because this cetrainer can not be opened if your device do not have Cheat Engine 6.6. Please read tutorial how to use Fishing World Hack Cetrainer before apply o the Fishing World game.

Fishing World Games

Fishing World takes you to beautiful lakes and peaceful rivers in search of over 300 unique species of freshwater Fish - this is the Ultimate Fishing simulation!

  • Every lake holds a terrifying monster fish with its own unique story - catch all of these legends to become the ultimate Fisherman!
  • Compete with other fishermen to earn Prestige in hourly, daily and weekly Competitions.
  • Band together with other fishermen to create Fishing Teams and take on the world!
  • Learn the secrets of each lake - the secret spots where monster fish live!
  • Hunt your target fish with hundreds of different baits and rods.
  • New and exciting fish and locations being added all the time.

Fishing World Games How do I start fishing?

First use the Map button to choose your fishing location – as your progress through the game you will unlock new locations with more fish! Then choose your rod and bait by clicking on them and selecting from the options. You can buy more in the store.

Click cast and choose your casting spot. Then click next – a bar will appear next to the button. Click ‘Go!’ to cast your line – try and do this when the bar is as full as possible.

Now just wait for a fish to bite! When you see your float moving, click ‘Pull’ to start reeling your catch in.

Fishing World Games How do I reel in a fish?

The fishing reel can be tricky to use, especially if a fish is fighting hard. Here are some handy tips on how to use it:

When fighting a fish the goal is to keep the Tension Bar in the middle… too much tension will harm your rod, not enough tension and the fish will slip off.

The speed at which you reel in will affect the line tension – reeling faster will put more strain on the line. Sometimes a fish will pull harder, at which point you should reel in more slowly, or let go of the reel completely.

Eventually the fish will get tired and give up, making it easier to reel in – every fish is different though!

This fish is a tricky one! Where can I get help to catch it?

Check out the Fish Collection in the game – here you can find lots of information about all the fish in the game, including what baits they like and where they have been caught.

You can also check out the handy tips on the loading page in the game, which can also be found on Fishing World Community Facebook page.

Fishing World Games How do I fish at Night Time?

To fish at Night Time in the game, simply find a fishing spot on your map that offers this option. Underneath the picture of the spot you will see a button reading ‘Fish at Night Time’ – click this, and then click ‘Go Fishing’ as normal.

Please note that certain equipment is required to fish at night time – this equipment is listed on the left, underneath the picture of the spot once you’ve clicked ‘Fish at Night Time’.


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