Monster Busters: Ice Slide Cetrainer Free Download

By | June 18, 2017
Monster Busters: Ice Slide Cetrainer Free Download
Monster Busters: Ice Slide Cetrainer Free Download
Version : V.01 CETRAINER
File Size : 12 KB
Udate : June 18, 2017

Free Download Monster Busters: Ice Slide Cetrainer

Free Monster Busters: Ice Slide Cheat engine trainer. Monster Busters: Ice Slide cetrainer was created using Cheat Engine 6.6. What is Cheat Engine trainer or cetrainer? Cheat Engine allows its users to share their addresses and code locations with other users by making use of cheat tables. “Cheat Tables” is a file format used by Cheat Engine to store data such as cheat addresses, scripts including Lua scripts and code locations.

“Cheat Tables” can be save in 3 different file format, that is Cheat Engine Tables with .CT extension, Cheat Engine Table Trainer or CE Trainer with extension .CETRAINER, and Cheat Engine Table Trainer Standalone with .EXE extension.

Monster Busters: Ice Slide Game Description:

Start your explosively fun monster-linking adventure now together with Bruce and Boo, adorable kids who are eagerly waiting to explore the wonders of the Ice Tower with you and save our poor Gingerbread friends while link'n sliding to the very top!

Monster Busters: Ice Slide how do we connect monsters and make matches?

Basically, there are two ways of connecting monsters:

  1. Click on the first monster, click off then draw a line over the monsters of the same color and click on the last monster to link them all. You can connect monsters by moving your mouse up, down, left, right and diagonally. The connected monsters will burst and add some points to your score.
  2. You can also click on a monster, hold onto it, move your mouse to the next monster of the same color to connect them and click off only at the point when you reach the last monster.

You can also draw a line over earlier connected monster if there is at least one monster between the monster you are at right now and the monster you want to connect it to.

Monster Busters: Ice Slide How do we make special bombs and Magic Hammer during the play?

You need to connect five or more same-color monsters to make specials. Horizontal, Vertical, Cross Bombs, Round Bombs and Magic Hammer are called “specials”, and they make powerful effects when matched.

To create Horizontal and Vertical Bomb, you need to connect 5 or more monsters of the same color in one line, and once you connect 11 monsters a Star Bomb is being made.

You can get a Round Bomb by connecting 5 monsters in a circle (connect the last monster with the first one) or at the intersections of connections (still you need to connect min 5 monsters) and Magic Hammer is being created when you connect 6 or more same color monsters in a loop.


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