Ford Expects Ford Focus RS and Mustang Could Double Sales

Ford’s cars sales doubled those caused by Ford expects Ford Focus RS and Mustang.

The economical feast is also the UK’s popular automobile, however consumers ar snapping up plenty of quick Fords, too – Ford’s Performance division is commerce nearly double as several cars currently than it had been a year agone.

Performance automobile sales from Ford have nearly doubled in Europe within the last year, following the success of recent cars just like the

Ford Focus RS and also the new pony. Ford has already sold  nearly thirty one,000 performance cars in Europe, a ninety eight per cent rise compared to the current time last year. this line-up includes the new pony, Ford Focus RS, Focus ST and also the feast ST.

In the UK, performance automobile sales have nearly reached fourteen,000, up sixty one per cent compared to the previous year. The feast ST and Ford Focus ST still be the highest sellers, however Ford has aforesaid that five,050 Brits have conjointly ordered the new Focus RS.

The North American country automaker has aforesaid it’s “on track to deliver twelve new performance vehicles” by the tip of the last decade. At the tip of the year, Ford is targeting over two hundred,000 performance automobile sales across the world.

Ford is attributable to begin delivering its new supercar, the GT, to potential customers later this year. Ford Performance recently proclaimed it’ll extend the assembly years for the GT by 2 years, delivery the whole production commitment to the carbon fibre supercar to a complete of 4 years.

Dave Pericak, Ford Performance world director, said: “Ford’s commitment to performance leadership standing continues, with Ford heading in the right direction to deliver twelve new performance vehicles secure by the tip of the last decade.”

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